Dec 02, 2021
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AppyBee is a bespoke online booking platform for personal trainers and athletic entrepreneurs to save 80% of their time spent managing their business. With an ever-growing system of reservations, payments, scheduling, and automated reminders, they reached out to Polcode to overhaul their website, mobile apps and codebase. Polcode extended the AppyBee team with up to 10 specialists to make their online booking platform a relaunch fit for success.


In AppyBee’s case, achieving this goal meant running a complete revamp project while keeping costs low. Polcode and AppyBee established 5 key goalposts together: - Rewrite the entire application from scratch using React Native from the previous app which was written in Swift and Java - Managing bookings all in one place - Redesign and rewrite the AppyBee Widget that works on their clients’ dedicated channels - Redesign the Admin panel using Progressive Web Apps - Refactor backend codebase to enable new functionalities


With the help of Polcode, AppyBee is set to become a leading booking management provider for fitness organisations in their market. Their website and mobile apps have been able to provide better key advantages to their clients: - Reducing no-shows to appointments and better rescheduling by syncing calendars in real time with all parties involved. - Improving the overall productivity and time-savings of themselves and their staff, which in turn provides greater revenue generation. - Attracting new clients and retaining existing clients by making scheduling online a user-friendly process.