Dec 02, 2021
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impak Finance

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impak Finance through its impact assessment and scoring solution, aims to channel capital towards businesses with a positive social or environmental impact. There was just one small problem. Armed only with a vision and offline proof-of-concept models, impak had little visibility into their online market entrance. Thus, it was initially financially impossible to hire a dedicated internal IT team just to validate the idea.


impak Finance trusted Polcode’s product development services to transform their offline, early-stage concept into a market-ready online platform. Instead of hiring a dedicated costly internal team, Polcode’s flexible team models allowed them to scale developer talent and hours as needed.


Polcode designed and developed the majority of the impak online experience. Development is currently ongoing on multiple fronts: their website, impak scoring visualization tools used by investors, and administrative panels for impak’s internal back-office staff. After a successful product launch, Polcode remains their remote technical team—entirely replacing an internal IT department. In terms of team, impak Finance works with a wide array of Polcode’s core talent roles, including UX designers, frontend & backend developers and our dedicated project managers.