Oct 11, 2022
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‘Young in the Mountains’: Jewelry Brand Website

‘Young in the Mountains’: Jewelry Brand Website

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The handmade jewelry brand wanted to revamp its website to showcase unique jewelry to the best advantage. The purpose of this website is to allow customers to create handcrafted jewelry pieces and learn more about the company’s philosophy. The brand wished to improve user experience, make product creation convenient, and demonstrate custom pieces effectively.


1. Introducing custom functionality - development of Product Customizer from scratch. 2. Adding product meta fields to define custom product properties (defining prices for specific custom jewelry options) 3. Integrating Product Filter and Search Customization 4. Installation of the Instafeed app to showcase jewelry 5. Google Maps customization 6. Mailchimp Shopify app integration


1. Product Customizer lets people ‘construct’ their pieces of jewelry themselves. At each step, visitors can choose a specific type of jewelry, gemstones, metal color, band style, etc. 2. Users see the prices that correspond to their selections for each product (earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.). With product metafields prices are calculated correctly. 3. Customized filters let store visitors faster find pieces of jewelry that satisfy their desires. 4. Instagram feed display shows amazing jewelry examples crafted by the company, increasing brand awareness and trust. 5. Mailchimp email marketing app lets the company get new subscriptions and leads. 6. A custom mini cart drawer, slideshow, product recommendations, tabs, and background video sections improve shopping experience.