Sep 23, 2022
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Reus — Social space for communities

4-6 months
United States
Service categories
Domain focus
Programming language


Client: We came up with that idea a long time ago. Our society needs something to develop healthy habits since we lead a sedentary lifestyle. We analyzed several ways and found that people in the community perform better than those individually trying. We knew what we wanted and got it with the help of the Ptolemay team. The app meets all the requirements, and we enjoy using it. Challenges: The client's goal was to add many animations to the visual side of an application to look attractive while ensuring that these animations work smoothly on all types of devices.


We analyzed several frameworks and decided Flutter was the best solution since the UX had to be the same on all device models. The problem with animation was also solved by reducing and optimizing the time for assembling and rendering elements. We achieved 16 milliseconds to play the animations.


Reus is a community leader consolidation app for progressive work on critical human issues for a research university in the US. Researchers from all over the world could work together to develop solutions to improve the quality of life for people. Our team optimized all parts, and finally, Reus is the app for organizing community challenges to develop healthy habits; finding accredited medical centers by location; viewing the latest medical news.