Jul 31, 2023
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+ Remote Testing. Our task was to test the simulation software remotely, using keyboard combinations and controllers instead of the physical instruments. We needed to get the hang of manipulating instruments to perform a smooth testing of the virtual simulator. + Medical Terms. We were also expected to master a decent number of medical terms since this is crucial for understanding the training itself, reporting bugs, and day-to-day communication. + Product Novelty. We’ve tested numerous gamified e-learning solutions, but nothing like VirtaMed’s surgical simulators. Therefore, the onboarding period required more effort in terms of diving into the industry specifics, understanding our client’s quality goals, and optimizing our testing workflows.


+ Functional Testing. We check if the simulator behaves as intended at every step of the procedure under test. + Non-Functional Testing. Here we test haptics and instrument sensitivity. It’s done simultaneously with going through testing scenarios. + UI Testing. Our QA engineers make sure the right information is displayed before and after performing simulations. We pay attention to warnings and errors popping up during the VR training. + Regression Testing. We conduct full-fledged testing of the product before every release to see if the new build is stable and can be rolled out safely. + Smoke Testing. If there are changes to a decoupled functionality or a minor bug fix, we quickly go through the main features to ensure nothing else has been affected by this change.


With our continuous QA support, VirtaMed can consistently release software updates while maintaining the quality bar high. Together with QAwerk, VirtaMed managed to significantly increase test coverage. As an independent, third-party advisor, we explore their software from a different angle, which helps improve existing products and develop new solutions for online training. VirtaMed’s ongoing investment in quality assurance has only strengthened their reputation as a world leader in data-driven education. VirtaMed, along with big names like Microsoft, has recently become a consortium member of the PROFICIENCY project that is meant to further advance simulator-based training in surgery and received CHF 12 mln funding from the Swiss Innovation Agency.
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