Jul 09, 2024
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To manage the patient’s health, WeCare needed more data on the lab tests patients are getting done. WeCare was having a hard time contacting their patient's on phone. Most of the patients don't pick up the phone due to that they were not able to collect important information related to their patients. They wanted to build a digital platform which will allow patients to log their lab results right on the mobile app, automated reminders can be sent to patients for lab tests, Patients can request pharmacy supplied right from the app. Since they were already using CRM for patients management and do not want to change it. So as a part of scope of work we have integrated new mobile apps with existing CRM to create a seamless automated process.


iOS and Android Mobile App for patients to interact with WeCare team. Integration with existing CRM to automate the whole process. The Mobile apps for patients enabled the following features : Log their Lab test results Log their Glucose Levels Medication Reminders Testing Reminders Graphical presentation for health progress Schedule appointments with the WeCare clinicians Request Testing supplies from WeCare pharmacy and track their status New patients can register themselves for enrollment


Automated Regular Patient Reminders : Earlier call center team were calling to patients to remind them for tests and taking that data to be updated in CRM. Now patients receives regular reminder from WeCare team. Reduced Cost of Call Center Operation : Call center staff doesn’t need to call up patients for details of the tests. Patients can now fill the test/lab results, request for supplies directly via the app. Due to this call center staff doesn’t need to call up patients for these things which helped WeCare to reduce their call center operation cost by 40% in just 3 Month after the launch. Automating new patient enrollment : The App allows new patients to enroll themselves in the WeCare management program. The patients are enrolled once verified by the insurance companies.