Apr 01, 2021
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Digital Skills Curriculum Builder

4-6 months
Canada, Burnaby
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ISABC was previously using an existing spreadsheet that displayed and linked large datasets from a number of educational frameworks. However, there were a few limitations with this tool: The spreadsheet contains many complex datasets, and is difficult to sort and filter; Users need to easily visualize the relationships between different frameworks, including competencies and support modules; The resulting curriculum needs to be exported to a printable format.


After understanding the user needs and documenting use cases from interviewing stakeholders with ISABC, we identified visualization, intuitiveness, and accessibility as the core design pillars of the app. With these in mind, we developed the app with a mind map, a curriculum builder, and an export feature as its main features.


After a series of iterations and testing, Raccoopack Media was able to deliver the project on time and budget. The release of the interactive Digital Builder has had a transformative impact for educators and teachers. On top of time and effort saved, the tool provides the advantage of visualizing the links between the different educational frameworks.
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