May 13, 2021
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2-3 months
United States, Denver
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With an increasing number of products and expansion of their business, Restomotives’ web platform could not meet the demands of today’s online consumers. The product listing and categorization were disorganized on the website, page load speeds were extremely slow across all web and product pages. The combination of issues was adversely impacting on-site conversion rates, as well as reduced customer retention.


The Magento experts at Rave Digital devised and presented a strategic plan to the Restomotive Executive team aimed at achieving their business requirements. Once the Restomotive was agreed to embrace Magento Commerce Cloud as the store platform, our development team kicked off the project, and delivered in accordance with defined timelines. Once Restomotive’s website was migrated to the Magento Commerce Cloud, the transformation of its online store was delivered by Magento experts at Rave Digital. The team equipped the website with numerous features and functionalities, making it easily manageable on the back end while simultaneously delivering intuitive front-end experiences.


The Rave team delivered an intuitive eCommerce platform meeting the distinct requirements set forth by Restomotive’s Executive team. The Magento Commerce cloud store was integrated with advanced features, and functionalities, offering an unmatched experience for users. The backend was simplified and streamlined in order to effectively manage orders and inventory. Furthermore, implementing M2E Pro, exponentially increased sales volume on eBay as well as drove increased volumes of traffic to their website.