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Mar 14, 2024
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AI-powered SaaS platform

AI-powered SaaS platform

4-6 months
United States
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A US-based company with an application that manages and analyzes complex sales and inventory data which is extremely difficult to access for sellers on Amazon by transforming siloed data into insights automatically. Needs Develop a scalable, fault-tolerant & robust application to replace it with the existing one. Develop a self-service application model that: Transforms siloed data into insightful information Automates report-generation process Caters to on-demand and automated data pulling requests Manages and automates third-party applications for Data Scraping and BI. Automates the client onboarding process


Our deep technical expertise enabled us to build a scalable & fault tolerant application with a new technology stack that can cope with the massive amount of data and the underlying hardware infrastructure. Key Functional Modules A unified Reports and Analytics layer to provide Executive Summary reports for Sales Information, Product ratings, ROAS, etc., A functional project layer to manage the tasks and activities. A Notification System to inform the Admins/users Admin Staff and Client users of key trigger points in the application.


Technologies/Tools: Python (Django), Postgres on RDS, React JS, GraphQL, Docker, Amazon EC2, S3, Celery, Traefik. Results Significant reduction in manual efforts for data-driven activities Timely and Accurate generation of PowerBI reports as per the SLA Benefits to end-users: 77% of improvement in Advertising ROAS 18% Margin enhancements 46% growth acceleration