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Mar 14, 2024
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 Modified UX to generate custom analytics

Modified UX to generate custom analytics

4-6 months
United States
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Big Data
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Big Data
Data Analytics
Data Visualization


UX Design transformation for all functions of the analytics platform as the current UX has several problems with navigation, and look & feel: Lack of clarity while creating queries, reports, and dashboards Longer navigation cycle time with more than required number of steps Inconsistent and not so appealing visual design


A guided wizard approach to help the user to execute tasks (data source mapping, report building etc.) in an organized manner Information Density Optimized information display for resolution compatibility and the amount of information displayed on the screen (e.g. through collapsible views) Visual Appeal & Consistency Default color palette in line with the app visual theme helping users not spend time & effort to choose colors and making reports consistent Implementable Design Crafted UX design ensuring that the development team can implement within the project constraints while not compromising on usability


The transformed UX has helped different personas such as business users, IT developers, and power users across various areas: Designed intuitive and guided interface for better and faster visualization Provided implementable UX design for screens-based development constraints Optimized information density resulting in higher clarity for the users Defined consistent branding including appealing color schemes