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Mar 14, 2024
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 Reduced effort and increased accuracy of the audit

Reduced effort and increased accuracy of the audit

4-6 months
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A full-service aircraft asset lease manager with a global presence offering services such as Pre-purchase Inspections, Lease Management, Fleet Audits, etc. for Aircraft Lessors, Airlines, Banks, Private Equity and Investors. Key Challenges Complex inspection process involving validation of a variety of attributes based on the lease agreement. Manual audit process of around 150+ assets during every inspection of a single aircraft 7-10 days to complete one inspection that gets repeated multiple times every year


AI & RULES BASED AUTOMATION Developed an automated audit process using AI, NLP, RPA, rules engines, and crawlers to improve verification accuracy, and reduce time & effort LEASE AGREEMENTS AND TECH SPECS Generated the technical inspection checklist containing objective and subjective details of each asset from lease agreements and other data sources for different aircraft types AIRWORTHINESS DIRECTIVES Validate airworthiness directives (AD) implementation by comparing the AD and SB extracted from authorized sources for each entity against the uploaded inspection report to ensure compliance AIRCRAFT RECORDS MANAGEMENT Built a simplified and structured repository of audit & inspection records using document naming and classification based on the document type


Key Technologies/Tools AI/ML, NLP, RPA, Rules engine, Regex, Parsers, Web crawlers, Google Tesseract OCR Results Provided confidence to the client with 3 POC’s to establish how AI/ML can be leveraged to optimize operations. Identified 15 use cases where we can apply AI/ML techniques to cut down manual effort. Reduction of audit cycle time to 3-4 days from 7-10 days Enhanced quality and accuracy of verification Simplified and structured inventory of records