Feb 22, 2024
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4-6 months
United States
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Bronitex is a renowned glove manufacturer with a rich legacy in the industry. They approached us with a visionary project aimed at revitalizing their online presence. Bronitex sought a website that would not only serve as a showcase for their premium glove products but also unravel the intricate art of glove production, from the meticulous selection of textiles to the final delivery.


At the core of our creative concept lay the aspiration to narrate the entire journey of crafting gloves, from inception to fruition. To bring this concept to life, we envisioned transforming gloves from mere accessories into sophisticated digital entities, akin to state-of-the-art smartphones. Our journey commenced with the meticulous creation of intricate 3D models that would breathe life into the gloves on the website. These models underwent rigorous optimization by our skilled 3D artists, ensuring swift loading times and peak performance, even on devices with limited resources. The outcome was an interactive experience that enabled users to delve into the minutiae of gloves, from the stitching intricacies to the luxurious texture of the materials employed.


The catalog experience was carefully tailored to enhance the user's shopping journey. We crafted a catalog page featuring exhaustive descriptions for each glove in Bronitex's collection. Simultaneously, we provided Bronitex's factory staff with a user-friendly admin panel, granting them autonomy to efficiently manage product listings. We introduced an innovative feature that allowed users to effortlessly switch between product photos by simply hovering over a card. Result: It's an intuitive platform for shoppers and an indispensable tool for Bronitex's team to effectively manage their extensive inventory. This project transcends a mere website; it's a work of art that mirrors the unwavering commitment and excellence that Bronitex brings to the world of glove manufacturing.
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