Mar 30, 2022
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DeFi City

DeFi City

2-3 months
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DeFi City is a browser-based virtual world that gamifies and simplifies DeFi yield farming by allowing everyone to visualize and manage their farms and track key performance yield farming indicators from a single, visually appealing in-game dashboard. NFTs are booming right now. And the number of unique NFTs created increases with geometrical progression. However, creating an NFT product is complex work, requiring many different domains. First, we needed to create a streamlined blockchain-based product. Then craft a customer journey map wholly based on the web. Finally, all of the product elements: blockchain, web, crypto wallet, etc., needed to be smoothly integrated.  


We developed the solution’s architecture with its integration plan and a flexible future product development capacity. Our blockchain developers created several smart contracts and two main NFTs: a Defi city coin used for any transaction fee regarding the product and a Defy City Token. You can earn money, sell or buy these NFTs anytime. These processes take place on the website [].


The website has an Open Scroll feature, which allows you to see randomly generated buildings that you can mint on blockchain and buy NFT. Each building has its specifications and a different probability of appearing on the Open Scroll. For example, Supertower has the lowest probability to appear in open scroll, and Garage has the biggest, etc.