Aug 15, 2023
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At the initial stage of our cooperation, we were tasked mostly with coding UX improvements designed by Evolv’s growth team. One time we were involved in the ideation process, which entailed thinking through variable combinations for the experiments to be run. Witnessing our commitment, expertise, and timely delivery, Evolv decided to expand the scope of the services we provide and fully engaged our team in developing its core product – a pioneering optimization platform consisting of Web Editor and Manager. Web Editor is Evolv’s brand new desktop app that allows coding UX improvements without the client’s source code as well as previewing, editing, and testing the implemented changes, among other handy features.


We joined Evolv’s development team when they were just starting to re-architect their platform, which allowed us to get to know it step by step. At the initial development stages, we asked as many questions as possible, perhaps even overcommunicating, to gain the most exhaustive understanding of the established business logic. Evolv, in their turn, provided us with timely and comprehensive answers, doing their part to streamline the communication process and synchronize both teams. This joint effort turned out to be quite fruitful as now we can complete most of the frontend tasks assigned to us with maximum independence.


Choosing a reliable and dedicated technology partner is one step forward towards long-lasting business growth. Together with the Redwerk delivery team, Evolv successfully released its new product – Evolv 1.0. – which is already used by numerous Evolv clients. We are proud to know that our professionalism, commitment, and diligent attitude to work were appreciated by Evolv, and what seemed to be just a 3-month project resulted into a strong long-term partnership.
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