Sep 28, 2022
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Back office synchronization for BoS

Back office synchronization for BoS

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Brands of Scandinavia (BoS) is a multi-brand fashion enterprise that owns their entire clothing production process and has an efficient back office that allows them to manage all operations. Their existing system, unfortunately, didn't fulfill the market needs and wasn't designed for integrations with third parties. So BoS contacted Reenbit with a request for smart automation and synchronization of all systems currently being used.


After analysis of the requirements, we've decided to keep the existing ERP system as the primary data storage and create an intelligent synchronization module with other parties, which include Prime Cargo, Plytix, Shopify, Delogue, and Packshot. We've utilized a service strategy and created functionality using a serverless approach that keeps all stages of clothing production up to date. We've also created an admin role for the company business unit, which allows them to track the timeline of all integration flows and restart a specific flow in case of error or demand.


As a result of our partnership, Brands of Scandinavia reached multiple goals: · An updated back-office system with a new functionality; · Automatisation of all business flows; · Enhanced flexibility within business processes; · Three million Danish Kroner saved in the first year. Accordingly, their team received much more time to create new products, be innovative, and enrich Brands of Scandinavia's general delivery.