Mar 15, 2023
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Digitalization of space management solutions for Cloudbooking

Digitalization of space management solutions for Cloudbooking

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Cloudbooking, a UK-based workspace management company, decided to improve its cloud-based reservation system during the Covid-19 pandemic by partnering with Reenbit. They've been operating for more than 20 years and, during this time, have continually provided a dynamic response to the evolving needs of businesses and workplace leaders. Their primary goal is very straightforward: to help organizations make the right business decisions about their two most important assets, employees and real estate, by assisting the organizations to unlock the power of technology and data to solve the growing future of work challenges.


Initially, we began with isolated tasks, such as developing a notification system that reminded users about bookings and included an automatic notice email system. In the second stage of our partnership, Reenbit engineered a system for booking rooms, including creating and configuring rooms at the administrator part and importing&exporting systems. We also developed synchronization of booking systems with Google and Outlook calendars, helped with the development of car space management, equipment administration systems, and Covid-related service features.


As a result of our partnership, the Cloudbooking team has achieved more rapid development and reached delivery goals on time. Currently, we're continuing to strengthen our fruitful collaboration by: · Helping existing Cloudbooking customers; · Developing following features; · Widening system integrations.