Jun 14, 2023
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E-commerce solution for shopping malls

7-12 months
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The client aimed to improve customer experience by offering tenants additional online sales channels, including an eCommerce marketplace. This expansion included the development of an eCommerce website and mobile app. The client needed to integrate the new stores with their existing systems, requiring custom development instead of off-the-shelf platforms like Shopify or Magento.


Rikkeisoft was chosen for their eCommerce marketplace, which aimed to provide a seamless customer journey from browsing to purchasing. The platform was upgraded for faster speed and added eCommerce functionalities. Key features included payment integration with popular providers in Vietnam, a custom content management system, a loyalty program, and integration with an open-source affiliate marketing automation tool. The POS system helped retailers manage inventories and employee performance, providing centralized customer data and enabling modern payment methods like BOPIS and contactless payments. ERP integration centralized all data points, enabling easy tracking of business activities and data-driven decisions.


The new eCommerce marketplaces have been well-received by many tenants, particularly those who lacked the time and financial resources to invest in their own eCommerce websites. As a result, over 50 traditional businesses successfully transitioned online within the first few months of the system’s launch. With the optimized mobile app, the client experienced a 30% increase in the number of active mobile users, while total revenues rose by 20% after the implementation.