Jun 14, 2023
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Enhancing Loyalty through Mobile Commerce

Enhancing Loyalty through Mobile Commerce

7-12 months
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Develop an online sales channel for tenants With digital transformation on the rise and increasing competition, our client, like many others, approached Rikkeisoft to accelerate their digital transformation. One of their key objectives was to optimize their sales distribution channels, which are the most essential part of their retail business. Our client had more than five brands for formal men’s fashion, women’s pajamas, sports clothes, and casual wear. Although each brand was strong on its own, they lacked connectivity with each other, which could result in missed sales opportunities & block the potential to increase customer lifetime value. For example, while a loyal fan of one brand, a customer might know nothing of the others, thus, might not purchase from them.


Rikkeisoft developed a mobile commerce app that consolidates all five brands into one application, allowing customers to shop from all five brands easily. The app features a consistent user interface and experience design, a shared checkout cart, and an account for seamless transactions. A loyalty system encourages repeat purchases and a POS integration for an omni-channel experience. This integration enables businesses to draw insights from physical store purchase history and tie critical data points, such as loyalty schemes and membership data, together. This integration opens up opportunities for increased digital sales, actionable business analytics, flexible payment methods, and streamlined operations and inventory management.


The implementation of our solutions has resulted in positive improvements in the client’s sales. They have seen a 28% increase in repeat purchase ratios and a 153% increase in transactions using BOPIS. The project was graded 93 out of 100 on Customer Satisfaction Score, with the client looking forward to developing new system functionalities with Rikkeisoft. We will continue to monitor the latest metrics and provide updates on how our solutions are working for our clients over time.