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Jan 24, 2023
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Some Social Networks have monopolized the Social Networking Space and Entertainment Space. It appears their major motive is profit-making. The users use these apps/websites, like, comment, share, view advertisements etc. but do not get anything in return. These companies earn billions through advertisements but do not share their profits with the users. The challenge was to make a social networking app that is for socialists where user can earn their profit too via using the application and performing any activities.


The solution is developing an app that is completely designed and themed for socialists where socialist can utilize their valuable time and earn a great amount of profit via the social networking app. Developing the app that gives the user great value while doing activities like posting, commenting, and liking the post or performing any action over the application.


Cashbook social networking app is not a social app but a socialist app, where users can make friends, love, comment, share, watch videos, view advertisements etc. The users will receive points for their actions for using Cashbook, unlike other Social Networks where the user spends his VALUABLE TIME and carries out actions such as like, comment, share, view advertisements etc., watching videos and ads but gets nothing in return while in Cashbook-the SOCIALIST Network the user will get benefits in the form of Cash for their actions.