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Nov 02, 2022
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In The Rooms

In The Rooms

2-3 months
United States
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Mobile Development


The client came with the primary goal: to vastly improve mobile app usability for her members with a more modern and simplistic user experience. Clients aimed to convert at least 50% of our users from desktop to mobile and acquire thousands of new members with better app offerings. The challenge was to develop a mobile app that could give a 100% conversion rate with the help of its UI UX and mind-blowing features.


We worked in stages of milestones, building out more and more features of the app with each milestone and providing iOS and Android builds for the client to review. We have integrated various new mechanisms and tech-stack into the app development process. The design was as smooth as it is viable to operate and utilize the app efficiently.


The result is a fully featured and interactive mobile app, i.e., ITR. The Room is a modern & smart-mind approach to all those struggling with any addiction, whether it is drug, alcohol, or behavioral addiction. It is a digital room that assures that you will get rid of any addiction and leaves no room for doubt. Being free, this digital marketing website/ social network for the addiction recovery community comes with over 600,000 members. It provides a virtual space to connect with others in recovery around the globe.