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Nov 01, 2022
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4-6 months
United States
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Mobile Development
Domain focus
Retail and Restaurants


High internet penetration and living standards in the developed areas catalyze the new food & restaurant apps. The audience is always excited about the new features and approaches entrepreneurs to bring to enjoy a convenient and simplified way of ordering Food. While there are various food & restaurant handling apps in the market, a client came up with a unique concept where he wants to set a new dimension to the Food & restaurant market. Wanted to have remarkable features like splitting the bills with your friends, booking a food pick-up slot physically from the restaurant, and letting you book your table in advance at your favorite restaurants with desired food items, and much more.


Ripening ideas is impossible until you implement a unique approach to the concept. We have approached the industry with add-on features ready to set market trends and ripen revolutionary transformations worldwide. We integrated a unique and remarkable tech stack that resulted in the Keeva being backed with mind-blowing required features.


Keeva is promising in providing a unique dining experience to the customers. In general, a digital dine-out experience in the present time starts when users arrive at the dining places and scan the QR codes, which brings the menu directly to their smartphones. But, Keeva has bought digital menus and bookings directly at the user’s smartphones. Let us take a brief look at the unique features provided in the Keeva app.