Mar 16, 2023
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Streamline Operation in Large Business

Streamline Operation in Large Business

7-12 months
Canada, Plano
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Banking & Financial Services
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Since their new offices’ opening, the corporation noticed a significant need for better communication between departments & separate offices. A more complicated office system also calls for a more optimized process, streamlining operations among a more considerable number of staff & departments.


RKTech developed a digital workplace that is unique to each department. To put it differently, the digital workplace can only be accessed by members from its respective department. The digital workplace uses a custom-made component that allows the integration of all department’s core activities & internal processes. As every process is followed and monitored in a shared digital platform, the manager can easily capture all member’s activities and working status, thus finding more room for process improvement.


The introduction of the new intranet has actively helped the end-client solve their large-business communication obstacles and enhanced better processes & automation. As noted by the clients, the collaboration between departments has been noticeably improved. They have also witnessed better productivity among employees, especially ever since the release of the system’s mobile version.