Feb 22, 2024
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Designing A Clear And Informative Website for Smithsonian

Designing A Clear And Informative Website for Smithsonian

2-3 months
United States, United States
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The website they had for sharing knowledge was old and it was difficult to manage. The information update depended on the technology department and the page was very manual and with integrations to different systems. It was also a static site and publishers had little freedom in choosing how to display content. It visually looked outdated.


Rootstack software developers created a responsive multi language website, English and Spanish, using Drupal 7. We put together 30 standard content blocks and templates that can be reused in different sections of the site. We provide a content management system, CMS, that allows easy publishing of content for editors and other users, without the need to rely on a technical engineer.


We update the appearance of the site through a modern graphic design, maintaining uniformity and consistency, and clarity in the information. The navigation menu is simple and this allows easy navigation through the information categorized by subject and scientific branch. In addition, we work on an integration with bibliography and publication search engines to give more visibility to the research of the centre's scientists. Rootstack contributed to the Smithsonian's mission of enriching knowledge about the biological diversity of the tropics with expertise in website development and a team of software engineers and designers who achieved excellent results.