Feb 22, 2024
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Implementing RPA to automate searches

Implementing RPA to automate searches

4-6 months
United States, United States
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With UiPath, we can configure different robots for different purposes, depending on the desired automation. Our team of engineers and developers at Rootstack created a software robot to perform profile searches on LinkedIn, extracting certain data from these profiles previously configured in UiPath. These processes can be automated to run from time to time.


When you initialize the RPA bot, LinkedIn automatically opens in Google Chrome. If the profile session is not started, then the same robot enters the username and password to start the session. Afterwards, the robot will make the necessary clicks to execute the entire process that was configured. In this case, as it is simulating the work of a recruiter, the robot goes to the LinkedIn sales tab, searching for a previously defined keyword, gradually acquiring the data that was configured in its system.


In the platform that UiPath provides, all the fields that the company needs for its robot can be configured to execute the process that is required. After extracting all the LinkedIn data, the robot exports it to a spreadsheet. In this document, columns are created to classify all the information in the profiles and display it in an orderly manner to the user.