Feb 22, 2024
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Ticket-based system development and implementation with Python

Ticket-based system development and implementation with Python

2-3 months
United States, United States
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The volume of work in companies has been growing considerably in recent years, making task management a complex challenge. This was precisely the scenario presented by a prominent company, which came to Rootstack looking for its highly experienced software engineers and developers to collaborate in the creation of a platform that would allow them to automate the ticket management of a service desk.


In this sense, the Rootstack experts supported this company via Staff Augmentation in the development and implementation of a system created with Python, based on different types of tickets that allowed to organize and channel requests more effectively, offering the possibility of better follow-up on tasks and quantifying the service provided by the departments.


Our team of A + talents chose Python precisely because it is a very versatile programming language, which allows the fast and effective integration of different systems. The basic operation of this ticket management system is based on the following: a user creates a ticket with a task, this ticket reaches the related department, which is responsible for meeting the requirement.