Feb 09, 2024
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4-6 months
United Kingdom
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Web Development
Domain focus
Business Services
React Native


- Integration with Outlook API to sync the calendar. - Complex algorithm to render the project tasks to the schedule based on the provided logic by the customer. - Features User Management System Outlook integration Automatic prioritization Project templates Project tracking


- Clarify carefully the business rules with the Client. - Review together and discuss with the Client about feedback or updates. - According to the client's original specifications, Saigon Technology's team has maintained a positive attitude and proactive approach to the a special feature to guarantee that all operations are carried out smoothly and effectively. - Secondly, an event calendar is the first and foremost functionality needed by the app. The weekdays of the week (Monday - Friday) should be highlighted on the calendar, with back and forth arrows to see other weeks.


These Projects are then continuously categorized by priority. Users will establish a MeetDoris account to control their preferences and payments, and a calendar will be available where the bulk of platform functionality will take place. This calendar will subsequently be synchronized to the user's commonly used calendar using applicable APIs.
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