Feb 09, 2024
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Personal Loan Platform

Personal Loan Platform

7-12 months
United States
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Banking & Financial Services


The client wanted to ramp up the team rapidly to 20 members within 3 months, all of whom must be senior members. The project was massive, with a slew of documentation, new technology, and third-party partners that were included in the products. There was a module called Matcha that was based on Clojure, a very old programming language that was difficult to get on the market. We had to migrate the old system into the new architecture and a bespoke React framework called KOA, which was not a common framework like Redux, as well as transfer to a new service with the current architecture.


To accelerate team deployment, we focused on the recruiting process and optimized the onboarding process. Created a learning strategy for the team to swiftly catch up on the system's technology. To deal with the legacy, we encouraged engineers and created an active-learning environment to broaden their expertise. Designed suitable timetables for each service team, ensuring that they had at least two overlapping hours every day to collaborate with other teams.


Funnel building is an application process for the applicants to go through to be members. Experimentation is a systematic platform to test the changes on the Funnel which is applied to A/B testing and data analytics. Fraud identity and Fraud detection domain TBL, transferred-based lending domain Loan Modification Payoff Verification Member portal to manage leads/members/accounts Remittance report Credit institution management portal Automatic e-signing
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Personal Loan Platform
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Personal Loan Platform