Feb 07, 2024
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4-6 months
United States
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Mobile Development
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Media & Entertainment
React Native


- The complex authorization, multi-manager level, and each level have specials-rights. - The customer does not have an exact design, so there were a lot of change requests after the project has been 80% completed. - Hard to contact the customer. He was too busy and cannot answer all of our questions. - The data files to import have different formatting.


- Tried to contact the customer during 2 months - Review the app with the customer when he was here - Make the website responsive - Request customer to prepare the csv format for importing - Display all latest events from YPO, organize in different countries. - Register the events, send registering email to the organizer. - Import all members from the external system by using csv. - Backend for management of stakeholders, information display to members across the globe, event management, email of registered events.


- Engagement model: fixed price and ongoing support. This is a mobile application for members of YPO Southeast Asia to connect and receive the latest updates from the organization. - Build a backend to manage members, chapters, news, and events of YPO Southeast Asia. - Display information of members from global and from local of a chapter. - Display all latest news from YPO, with push notification.