Jul 12, 2023
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7-12 months
United Kingdom, London
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Following a period of rapid growth, Abardo was looking to achieve enterprise-wide operational efficiencies and alignment within it's engineering and customer services teams. - Standardisation across the brand. - Security and knowledge retention. - Adhering to regulations and compliance. - Supporting our customers with 121 support.


Abardo and SAQAYA's shared appreciation for the power of combining scale with flexibility and agility made our partnership an obvious choice. SAQAYA provided a full squad of experienced professionals with considerable savings, to compliment Abardo's highly technical engineering requirements to continiously deliver, manage and support Abardo's roadmap and vision with a 100% retention of knowledge. Additionally Abardo's fast-paced expansion had resulted in a lack of 121 support with their customers. SAQAYA addressed this by providing excellent customer focused professionals within the squad and fully augmenting Abardo's operations.


The SAQAYA Team worked collaboratively with Abardo leadership and implementation team to fast-track their route to market. We advised them on best software development practices and put in place processes to ensure quality, throughput, alerts and reporting, and overall reliability and stability of the developed product. This has yielded a number of valuable outcomes for the client, including: - 50% increase in velocity and throughput - 90% automated regression suite coverage - 60% reduction in bugs for new features - automated Devops and CI/CD pipeline contributing to weekly releases