Aug 29, 2023
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A Full-Scale Employee Management Software

7-12 months
Japan, Tokyo
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The client, a leading Japanese MDM corporation, aimed to enhance their internal employee management system. They sought an optimized solution with comprehensive features like event management, messaging, holiday tracking, and integrations with Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar. Our goal was to revamp the current system, addressing structural issues, usability, and maintainability challenges. Using the existing codebase, we transformed it into a fully-featured application. Our task included reimplementation, adding missing features, and bug resolution for an optimized and functional solution.


1.) Conducting a comprehensive codebase analysis and collaborating closely with the client to devise an optimal system plan. 2.) Distinguishing well-written code segments for preservation and identifying areas requiring complete rewriting. 3.) Implementing agile development practices, we iteratively coded the application, addressing missing features and fixing bugs along the way. 4.) Thorough evaluation by the client’s testers ensured the application's functionality met expectations. 5.) The application was successfully released and continues to be utilized by the client. We provide ongoing support and development through regular updates.


We successfully delivered a fully-functional, extendable, and maintainable employee management application ahead of the original deadline. Our team's expertise not only exceeded the client's expectations but also helped them save costs by optimizing development efforts. As a trusted partner, we continue to provide ongoing support, delivering regular updates, new features, and bug fixes to ensure the application remains efficient and up-to-date.
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