Aug 29, 2023
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High-Performance Marketing Email Delivery System

High-Performance Marketing Email Delivery System

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Japan, Tokyo
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The client, operational for two decades, regularly sent billions of emails to Asian customers. However, their PHP-based email system posed scalability, maintenance, and efficiency challenges. Adding code to the complex base became more expensive than starting anew. Our goal: rewrite the email system while retaining functionality. To ensure a smooth transition, we preserved well-written code segments. Using Laravel for backend and Vue for frontend, we crafted a modern app that seamlessly integrated with the PHP foundation. Separating frontend and backend streamlined development. The old PHP app with Smarty templates and SQL queries transformed. We focused on optimizing the codebase, enhancing frontend usability, and ensuring stability and security.


1.) Conducting a thorough codebase analysis and system planning to guide the revamp process. 2.) Distinguishing well-written code segments for reuse and identifying areas requiring complete rewriting. 3.) Implementing a phased approach to reimplement features, combining existing business logic with modern technologies. 4.) Engaging the client’s testers to meticulously evaluate the application and ensure its faithful reproduction. 5.) Months of iterative bug fixing and minor feature adjustments culminated in a release-ready application.


After a year of dedicated effort, the Scriptide team achieved the desired outcome. We delivered a functionally identical email management system capable of efficiently handling millions of emails daily. The application boasts extensibility, modularity, and clean, optimized code for optimal lightweight performance. Our client expressed utmost satisfaction with the result. We successfully handed over the application to their in-house development team, empowering them to maintain and extend the system moving forward. The revamped system not only resolved existing challenges but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and scalability.
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High-Performance Marketing Email Delivery System
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High-Performance Marketing Email Delivery System