Aug 29, 2023
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Supermodularized Web App

Supermodularized Web App

2-3 months
Japan, Tokyo
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Web Development
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The objective was to develop a modular web application that connects to an existing API managing the company's service data. The key focus was to separate visual components, authentication, and a specific service aspect. This separation enables efficient adaptation to newly added services for both the existing and new applications.


1.) Two approaches were planned to meet the project requirements. 2.) Design files were provided by the client’s designers. 3.) Documentation on authentication flow within their services was shared by the client’s technical team. 4.) The new application was developed as a single-page application in a single repository. 5.) The first approach involved separating the three main parts into different repositories and injecting them as custom packages. 6.) The second approach was to create separate SPAs that could share components while running. 7.) A meeting with the client was held to discuss both approaches from technical and maintenance perspectives, and the second approach was chosen. 8.) The implementation was refined, delivered, and ongoing maintenance is provided.


As a result, three standalone applications were created, each serving a specific purpose within the project flow. When combined, these applications delivered a flawless user experience in terms of both user interface (UI) and developer experience (DX). The application precisely matched the client's requested design and provided a unified platform for seamless updates across all three applications. Furthermore, a straightforward template was created to enable the client's in-house developers to efficiently add new services while maintaining optimization. Exploring the use of Webpack Module Federation with third-party packages pushed the boundaries of technology and fostered valuable discussions in technical forums. 
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Supermodularized Web App
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Supermodularized Web App