Jun 10, 2021
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We at Seasia Infotech helped ‘Charge Together’-Australia’s first Electric Vehicle transition platform by developing BetterFleet. This provides better clarity regarding the condition of the vehicles before using the services. BetterFleet is one of the exclusive & leading vehicle comparison platforms for fleet owners where they can easily compare electric vehicles against different vehicles in respect of EPA efficiency and range, availability, and a lot more parameters.


Seasia Infotech is always there to understand the needs of their clients. The main usage & benefits of BetterFleet offers fleet owners the provision to compare the total cost of ownership of different vehicles on the basis of many parameters such as engine-type, distance traveled per year/month/term, etc. The expertise of the Seasia has accomplished this task on time.


BetterFleet platform offered by Seasia comes up with unmatched benefits as well as features. It can compare ‘n’ number of projects and their geo-locations. This also helps to measure the performance of ample of vehicles based on their geo-locations. It also allows you to compare the vehicles based on their engine type and odometer score. In addition, it also helps you to give an estimate of the total cost of ownership of the fleet vehicles which concerning car depreciation, stamp duty, maintenance cost, and much more. It can also generate a graphical report for several vehicles in the form of PDF to get a better user experience. The platform offered by Seasia Infotech to their clients is commendable. All the professionals put their all the efforts to meet the demands of their customers.