Jun 24, 2021
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Developing AI-powered Screen Damage Detection in Mobile Phones

4-6 months
United States
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With the rapid change in technology, the AI industry is thriving in the digital landscape. Therefore, now is the time to contact the leading & outstanding market leader in the mobile phone refurbishment, as well as replacement industry. The task to to detect the extent of screen damage in mobile devices automatically led them to launch Blimp App. While keeping in mind, the business requirements & expectations of their client, Seasia developed Blimp App. This directly automates the classification of screen damage on mobile devices and thus attain screen damage classification of 200,000 + devices at about 90% accuracy.


The specializations of the Automated Screen Damage Detection System mainly include minimized manual efforts, cross-device damage detection, phone model & make a detection. The expert members of Seasia have performed well in designing the system as per the expectations of their clients. They have established a digital vision-based identification system which is used to detect cracks on the mobile screen. Backed by a charge-coupled device camera, images of the mobile’s screen on the industrial assembly line are received. The camera is further revolved from different viewing angles via detection of the mobile to avoid the cracks, which could not be spotted from specific viewing angles. Once it is done, the received RGB model images are converted to the HSI color format.


Furthermore, backed by Nanonets & NSFW classification, general object detection, as well as OCR, image processing & deep learning models, it become easier for user. The unique and unmatched features of the Blimp App meet the exact demands of the customers. Our experts usually work beyond the expectations of their clients. Its add-on features are designed in such a way that the software or app will definitely blow your mind, while easing the process. As a result, the advanced model is helping to save a lot of effort, costs, & resources. Seasia is a promising platform that serves its customers in such a way that the clients will feel splendid to be a part of Seasia for app or software designing.