Jun 10, 2021
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GIS Mapping & Data Management for Gas Pipelines

GIS Mapping & Data Management for Gas Pipelines

7-12 months
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Adani Third Eye Project is one of the leading projects which aims at improvising Gas pipeline systems in India. We at Seasia Infotech works closely with this project in order to make an Online GIS Mapping Software. The solution provided by our expertise was christened Third Eye. Our client wants to get the help of big data analytics, which leads to its conceptualization in the form of a highly interactive Data Visualization GIS platform, where the user can see a map that represents all the geo-spatial data overlaid with the pipeline information, in the form of managed representation. In the online GIS mapping portal, the user will be able to see the comparative data of Adani and its competitors.


All the desired information is mapped down to the State, County & City boundaries, with pipelines as well as service zones color-coded distinctly for better visualization. The solution also locates the exact location of the LNG terminals, furthermore the status is represented by different colors.


We have a well-experienced and highly knowledgeable team of professionals who use the best strategies to create the GIS mapping software in a minimal time. Our experts always worked in an impressive way which usually meets all the exact demands of the customers. By handling this project, we realized that we were dealing with a Data Visualization problem instead of a Data Collection issue. Therefore, we tested different data representation models with the help of Tableau and then obtained End-user feedback on the same, before approving the presentation layer for the portal. Since its launch, we at Seasia Infotech sincerely believe that we feel proud to be a little part of Adani’s Success.