Jun 28, 2021
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Seasia Builds Credible HAVA-Compliant Centralized Voter Registration System for Various U.S. States Election Management Software

4-6 months
United States
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Seasia has built a reliable and credible HAVA-Compliant centralized voter registration system for eight U.S. States. Election Management Software developed by Seasia is a highly robust and automated tool that allows the administrators & staff to streamline the workflow and complete the election functions with great efficiency. In the U.S., the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) was a bilateral effort brought into federal legislation following the 2000 presidential election. In addition, the Congress execute HAVA in order to ensure that all voters would be treated fairly and no voter would be exploited. During the events which followed the Florida recount process, the officials discovered many examples of the improper voter.


There are potential issues such as duplicate voter registrations, fraudulent voting, incorrect voter information & time delays related to the process of voting. By keeping in mind all the flaws faced by the various U.S. States, Seasia Infotech happily uses its technical expertise & vast exposure to aid the governments; so that they can successfully overcome the election management challenges. The main system modules in this app basically include voter registration, integrated imaging & barcode scanning, voter query management, address rules management, elections management, absentee & polling place management, petitions & jury selection module.


Seasia has designed a fully customizable software, which includes the role-based system security, user access module & configuration module. The system created by Seasia helps in providing an end-to-end election management solution to election officials along with all the functions performed within their office on a single system. The election management system of Seasia helps to achieve the goals such as streamline the election management process with improved customer service as well as efficiency along with resolve limitations of the legacy systems, ease of implementation of changes with respect to election legislation, and effective implementation across geographic areas.