Mar 15, 2024
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TrackNinja - Motorsport App Development

TrackNinja - Motorsport App Development

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Crafted with the vision of revolutionizing the motorsport experience for racers at all levels, TrackNinja is a meticulously designed racecar data app. Built upon our clients' passion for racing and a keen understanding of the sport's intricacies, TrackNinja stands out as a comprehensive app because of its ability to cater to every aspect of performance tracking and enhancement. It serves as an invaluable personal racing mentor by integrating advanced technology with a user-friendly interface. The app's cornerstone features include: 1. Real-time lap tracking via GPS 2. Split time analysis 3. Video recording 4. Custom graphs 5. In-depth performance metrics


Each one of these features enables racers to dissect their performance meticulously. Additionally, TrackNinja's innovative offerings, such as simulation mode & a vibrant community platform, empower racers to refine their techniques, engage in healthy competition, and share insights - all of these factors contributing to fostering a spirited racing community.


The development of TrackNinja was driven by the challenge of creating a holistic solution that, in addition to accurately measuring and analyzing a racer's performance, also delivers actionable feedback to foster skill improvement in a sport where success is measured in milliseconds.