Mar 21, 2023
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Annam Gourmet

2-3 months
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Retail and Restaurants


- Real time Stock consolidation is complex because sales can happen at the same time at all 9 stores as well as online store - Various product types with different stock unit management, especially fresh products as 1-gram accuracy - The need of expanding eCommerce channels to optimize business


- Website: - Product Delivered: eCommerce System - Technical Solution: + 2-ways integration with Picking PDA and POS at 9 physical stores for the order fulfillment process + 2-ways stock calculation algorithm, updating process between Magento & ERP + Develop the website with Magento 2 Implement the multi-stores function + Manage the entire products with Akeneo PIM + Optimize complicated categories and product attributes for alcoholic drinks + Integrate and synchronize the 3 systems: POS, ERP, Magento + Integrate Onepay payment gateway + Integrate analytics tools: Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager + Construct the loyalty management system + Develop customized shipping-time options


Currently, the Magento 2 website system has been put into operation officially, functions stably, and effectively with other components in Annam Gourmet’s operating system. With the typical elements of the eCommerce retail model at Annam Gourmet, the Magento 2 platform is capable of meeting all business needs, operating efficiently in a highly complex system, quickly processing huge amounts of products data, customers, orders, and perfectly syncing with ERP, CRM, and POS. The steady performance of the Magento 2 system has met all expectations from Annam Gourmet as well as Annam Group, bringing positive results and forming a solid foundation for the brand to quickly grow and expand operation in the future.
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