Jan 15, 2024
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Optergy: Deploying B2B eCommerce in the US

Optergy: Deploying B2B eCommerce in the US

2-3 months
United States
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Software Development
IT Services
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Business Services
Software Development
Embedded Development


- Switching the platform for the old license management system with extremely complex publishing algorithms and processes - Manage both hardware and software products with subscription management - Convert the platform for product warranty management from the old system written in VB.NET to web technologies, and at the same time integrate with the PDA devices of the technical staff for the installation and maintenance process. maintenance - The entire old system does not have a single technical or functional document


- Use reverse engineering to learn how the entire legacy system works, rewriting all technical and functional documents and processes being operated - Improve and optimise running processes so Optergy can operate more efficiently - Bring the whole new process into the ecommerce system, build the integration with software & license management tools


Embarking on a strategic initiative, SECOMM are thrilled to announce the deployment of our new B2B eCommerce website tailored for internal use within the United States. This endeavor represents a significant leap forward in enhancing our business operations and streamlining internal processes.