Mar 21, 2023
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The Warehouse

2-3 months
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To encompass all the B2B and B2C wine and spirits channels, The Warehouse launched a fundamental transformation to a digital platform for their business operation. As a result, they could be a B2B distributor for restaurants, hotels & resorts, bars & lounges, concurrently expand a retail channel for personal customers. Among highly-rated ecommerce platforms, Magento 2.3 was the best suit to accompany The Warehouse’s sustainable development. With more than 8-year-experience of Magento development, SECOMM was granted the trust from An Nam Group and especially Synova – our strategic partner in providing comprehensive digital solutions – to implement The Warehouse’s ecommerce project.


- Website: - Product Delivered: eCommerce System - Technical Solution: + Develop the website with Magento 2 + UI/UX design with wine and spirits particularities + Optimize displaying system with complicated categories and attributes + Integrate and synchronize the 3 systems: POS, ERP, Magento + Integrate Onepay payment gateway + Produce a particular costing system to support delivery Implement the multi-stores function


Essential solutions for the next-phase Magento system Based on the stable and effective ecommerce system, SECOMM have implemented the multi-stores function in the next phase, applying to the first 8 stores as independent warehouses and then promoting for all remains. This expansion allows all the needs of customers throughout the provinces of Vietnam. A head start is a basis for SECOMM and The Warehouse to complete an ecommerce business model in the wine industry. It is also a premise for SECOMM, SYNOVA, and An Nam Group to implement further potential projects.
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