Sep 12, 2023
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Global real estate issuance and trading platform

Global real estate issuance and trading platform

4-6 months
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Digi estate is a brand new frontier with a huge potential, yet high risks. Merging the physical and digital aspects of the global real estate issuance and trading under one hood really raised the bar for the security requirements. To ensure the full coverage of the verification process an unprecedented multidimensional approach was required.


Our team implemented a multifaceted approach to the verification process: 1. Predetermined patterns for automated data inspection were used at the ground level of the inspection. 2. Further, the data were initially checked manually by trained employees. The AI was planned to be incorporated during the next stage of the project. Neural networks would be engaged in self-learning to gradually replace employees involved in the second level of the verification process. Manual data inspection would be used only for the extraordinary cases.


“The multidimensional verification process, empowered by the AI and Ethereum based blockchain, allowed us to kill two birds with one stone. The security and UX/UI of the verification process was substantially improved. While the automation of the data inspection helped us to cut the costs and increase profitability.” — Team