Oct 04, 2023
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Plagiarism detection system

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Germany, Krefeld
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Plagiarism remains a pressing challenge for universities and educators. Identifying suspicious exam scripts among hundreds is time-consuming. Legitimate commonalities further complicate manual review, requiring a solution that can efficiently pinpoint potential cases of academic dishonesty. Tailored for universities, Plagiarix swiftly processes large exams, presenting instructors with highly similar pairs for manual inspection. Based on Silk Data's advanced platform, it acts as a filter, efficiently detecting potential plagiarism cases, and allowing educators to focus on maintaining academic integrity effortlessly.


Process several hundreds of exam scripts in just a matter of hours, finding for the instructors only few highly similar pairs of exam scripts for manual inspection. Extraction from PDF and other formats, text comparison engine, and visualization of results for analysis. Because the exam scripts may contain legitimate common pieces, the final solution acts more like a filter: it locates suspicious pairs of documents that reach a specified similarity threshold.


As a result of APT and Silk Data collaboration, APT was able to minimize the involvement of their instructors. Without automated text comparison provided by Silk Data, such analysis was impossible within reasonable timeframes. The implemented solution can be easily implemented for similar cases in education and professional training. Silk Data technology is mainly task- and language-independent, therefore adapting it to other use-cases will only require support of specific document formats.