Jun 23, 2023
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Designing a Mobile App for ViewEvo

2-3 months
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ViewEvo can recognize products in photos and videos, and most importantly, find them in online stores. SimbirSoft has designed a mobile app for ViewEvo so that users can become familiar with this innovative and smart algorithm. Our partner implemented a technology for interaction with video content. The algorithm enables you to select and recognize various products, such as clothing, shoes, or accessories, in photos, videos, or TV broadcasts. Then it can find these or similar products in the online stores of partners. Now, it's easier than ever to model your image to the latest fashion, find the gadgets or any other product that you have seen.


We started by auditing UX/UI of the existing earlier solution. We found a few flaws in the UI that could pose problems for users, such as: - Low screen contrast; - Inconsistent approach to text layout; - Redundant elements on the screen. In terms of UX, we found some bottlenecks that made it harder to learn how to use the app. These issues caused the algorithm to be non-transparent, which could discourage users from adopting it. When designing the new interface solution, we considered all the flaws of the previous version and, together with the customer, identified the necessary changes.


- Complete set of layouts and states (more than 280 screens) developed for the app; - Design system based on UI Kit created for fast and streamlined communication between designers and the development team; - Layouts created for the AppStore and Google Play, which the users can see before downloading the mobile app; - Landing page created for the product; - Widget interface developed for media players; - Lightweight UI developed for web version of the app, including the desktop version. New UI helps to navigate the app and makes it more user-friendly. All products of the customer have a common unique style to associate them with each other.