Jun 23, 2023
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Interactive Quest MVP for a Bank

7-12 months
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Our long-time customer, a large fintech company, chose us to develop an online service for the promotion of credit services. It was important for us to test business hypotheses and provide the customer with a ready-to-use product as soon as possible. The app users will be able to: - create a repair plan, - get the checklist, - calculate the budget based on loan terms. Our task was to explore the idea and develop a product that could attract new customers and increase sales.


After analyzing the hypotheses and examining the user profile, we showed our business model to the customer and made sure that our ideas resonated with the customer's vision. In one week, we developed design layouts, paying special attention to the main page of the quiz, which corresponds to the conservative corporate style of the bank and at the same time reflects the gaming nature of the product. We analyzed the business requirements for the product and decided not to develop the backend. The system's specific features allowed us to immediately switch to designing based on the previously prepared React layouts. We deployed the Android app, added WebView to it, and configured it to display the quiz.


We added animations to increase usability and implemented the ability to send SMS messages to users with the quiz results by setting up integration with the gateway on the customer side. Before the release, we optimized the app for smooth operation on tablets. In addition, we added a repair calculator to the quiz and implemented the option of granular customization of settings. As a result, we exceeded the initial scope of tasks. Within 1 month, we successfully implemented the planned functionality and several additional options and stayed within our budget.