Mar 24, 2021
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Custom Healthcare CRM System for MDBerry

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Phase One required the team to implement a brand new video-chat component. It would enable a patient to seek healthcare advice from a doctor online using an appointment booking system or a live online queue. In Phase Two, MDBerry outlined a course to improve the customer experience and allow the software to be utilized in the regulatory framework of new markets.


WebRTC integration (relatively new technology then) Connectivity and data transfer workarounds STUN and TURN servers provided by Twilio as a bridge between devices Compliance with HIPAA requirements checklist Access and clearances for users coming in from different networks Email marketing software integration Cloud-based SMS communication platform integration


Smart IT retired the legacy CRM software and developed a custom CRM software solution enriched with a new set of features and third party integrations: - Customized video streaming - Low-latency network configuration Cross-compatibility with all devices - Appointment scheduling - Access and permissions - Online survey form for new clients - Email marketing services integration - Cloud communication platform integration - Continuous support and maintenance