Apr 21, 2021
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Custom Insurance CRM for Zaman Broker

more 1 year
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Custom Software Development
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Banking & Financial Services
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Business Software


The client had to fully develop a list of functional requirements to determine what they wanted the solution to accomplish. For over two months Smart IT collaborated with Zaman Broker to help define the required features Focus on pre-term development planning in project management (cover all possible points and prioritize as early as possible) Comprehensive immersion in the client’s business to foresee potential bottlenecks Because client business operations were ongoing, Smart IT’s team had to deal with a dynamically developing product. Maintaining the work of the legacy system, while developing the new system from scratch was crucial. Seamless functionality and database migration SQL scripts for data migration


The software had to adapt to the launch of new insurance products and services, as well as optimize claim processes. Smart IT worked on automating everything that could be automated both from the software and business side With the goal of expanding to new markets, the client had to be able to manage all digital services and products from within the CRM and customize them for target markets. The client had requested in-depth analysis, reporting, and visualization to be available as part of the custom-built CRM. Smart IT ended up having to rework old code from the previous software vendor to support business operations. At later stages, the code was re-written to match the new application.


The new CRM allows to carry out the entire sales cycle independently of technical support. Smart IT undertook a number of third party integrations: Bank systems SMTP servers Company website (frontend) Mobile application integration (Kasko Butik) Added contact management features: User contact sync Customer segmentation Advanced analytics The new system comes with Asterisk integration for complete call-center functionality. Automatic call distribution Queue strategies Dialer considerations