Mar 24, 2021
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Online Ticketing Software Platform for ByCard

Online Ticketing Software Platform for ByCard

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Smart IT was tasked with developing a system that would accommodate a number of entities — all with a unique set of available features within the platform. These entities would include users, event organizers, events, and venues. To deliver a favorable user experience, the platform would have to be capable of handling the vast volumes of data created by published events and venue seating layouts, which were duplicated for every instance of an event. Moreover, an entirely different software had to be built to support the network of IoT terminals for ticket printing that would be located on-premises at event venues.


- Fleshed out user profiles - Event management dashboard for organizers (scheduling, - description, times, promotion) - Venue seating layout - Event catalog management - Extensive database management - Platform load optimization - Server capacity planning - Ticket terminal software - Server communication protocols - Kiosk supply management - Online forum - Proprietary social network - Event review system


#1 ticketing service in the country! Smart IT’s software development services culminated in the following deliverables: Full-scale software solution for online ticket sales Network of IoT terminals Local payment provider integrations (Assist, ERIP, MTS Dengi) Upon launch, the platform became an instant success and quickly gained recognition among event goers across the country. The platform continues to be the go-to online service for ticket buyers to this day.