Jun 09, 2023
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Aristocrat Kids

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Combine user-friendly design and brand's aristocracy The real challenge for us was to combine the unique customer’s requirements with a technical solution. Our clients had a detailed approach to each step in the project development, so we had to create a solution that would fully convey the essence of their idea. Probably the most difficult thing was to express the aristocracy of the brand in design without violating the general rules of UX-building. Online stores should have been wide-functional, but the brand’s reputation, their charisma, was in the first place. Thanks to this, the design doesn’t distract the user from the product, focusing all their attention on the clothing line. In addition, our customers have been very careful when it came to visuals and photos.


Key features: 1) A fully functional menu allows the operator/manager of the store to create necessary menu items or categories of goods with multilevel hierarchy, as well as to make corrections to already existing items and categories. 2) A new order notification module is also available to reduce response time and improve customer service. 3) The multifunctional module of work with orders allows the store manager to: sort orders by a selected criteria and inchronological order; track the status and customer payments in real time, view the customer profile with the entire history of their orders.


We are happy to be a part of the fairytale that Aristocrat Kids writes. With our software they have the opportunity to continually improve, evolve, and scale their business. We are always in touch, and ready to implement customer’s new requirements to allow their business to remain relevant in the market. And to think about that we have done it since 2016 with success!
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