Jun 12, 2023
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7-12 months
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The company helps Norwegian people be more selective in their choice of products to maintain their health while caring for the planet and future generations. The company’s goal was to expand the audience and generate additional income. That is why the benefits program was developed as a mobile application designed to attract green companies, shops, and restaurants and interest more users to follow a green lifestyle with more comfort and less waste. Challenge: We had to create an application from a limited budget, which, despite the reduced functionality, would have a good user experience and be convenient regarding application management.


1) Implement Norway's green benefits program in the app 2) Members should get discounts and benefits from partners online and in the local environment after purchasing an annual subscription 3) Online shops in many different categories should offer discounts on eco products - everything from food and drink to beauty and fashion and everything in between.


The app was created as a benefit program for an online magazine about sustainable lifestyles and a plant-based diet. Now people who care about the planet and their health will be able to study the content and recipes on the site and take advantage of discounts on goods and vegetarian dishes in their favorite cafes. This is intended to inspire more people to make conscious and rational lifestyle choices. The CLODE project will ensure an increase in the company’s audience and the conclusion of new profitable deals with partners presented on this platform, which will lead to a rise in the company’s profits and the popularization of the topic of ecology.
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