Jun 09, 2023
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H&P Builder

2-3 months
United States
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Cloud Consulting
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Ruby on Rails
Cloud Consulting


Ensuring data safety One of the essential requirements was to ensure data security and access to the web app. Currently, doctors usually use corporate computers, although everyone has their own access to the system. We’ve made it so that only 1 simultaneous session from 1 user is possible. In other words, if the user logs in with their credentials from another device, the previous session will automatically end. Ensuring a personalized user experience for each clinic The client wanted each hospital to perceive the app as a personal workstation, see its own logo and some of its own settings when visiting the login page. We have created a system of subdomains, where each hospital has its own link to the website. For example: somehospital.hpbuilder.org and anotherhospital.hpbuilder.


Key features: 1) Multi-level administration panel, which allows administrators to manage the application properly 2) Convenient template that allows doctors to insert a patient's complaints and primary assessment results into a list sorted by parts of the body. The system in turn gives hits on what else has to be done, asked, and checked 3) Generation of the documents that each patient has to get at the end of the assessment​ 4) The algorithm able to help doctors make assumptions on the patients' diagnoses 5) Dashboard for convenient and secure management of the data


We created a unique solition that allows clinics and doctors to significantly optimize their work. The time saved by doctors can be spent on increasing the number of patients and the quality of their care. Moreover, this solution has no full-fledged analogues and therefore provides a significant competitive advantage.
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